Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June favorites

I spent just under a week and half at the Midland Daily News before leaving the paper and moving to Jasper, Indiana to work as a staff photographer at The Herald. My favorite photos from my last couple of assignments in Midland were of graduation and the state tournament softball games. Thanks for looking.

May favorites

National Day of Prayer, Memorial Day parades, high school track, new courthouse therapy dog and new police officers. May was busy. Thanks for looking.

April favorites

Spring sports started up and in April the Midland Daily News printed a portrait series myself, Erin and Nick worked on. There were also fun events to cover like the weight lifting day at Bullock Creek High School and Arbor Day at the elementary schools. Thanks for looking.

March favorites

I got to meet Rosa Miller a few days before she turned 100, followed a few local basketball teams on their way to the state tournament and saw some people enjoy the butterflies at Dow Gardens. Thanks for looking.

February favorites

In February the press at the Midland Daily News was shut down and printing operations moved to
Big Rapids. The annual Dow Tennis Classic brought professional athletes to the area and of course high school sports and Valentine's Day festivities. Thanks for looking.