Tuesday, November 21, 2017

October Favorites

September Favorites

I didn't realize that all of my favorite photos from September were going to be from high school sports until I looked through the month. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

August Favorites

Before moving to Jasper I didn't much about the town's history. At the beginning of the month the whole town was decorated with German flags and Strassenfest started with the parading of a keg, sauerkraut and sausage through the streets. School started not long after which means so did high school sports. Unfortunately Jasper wasn't in the path of totality for the eclipse but we were pretty close. Thanks for looking.

July Favorites

For some reason southern Indiana has the 4-H fair in July and it made me feel like summer was over since I was so use to the fair being a month later in Michigan. Mixed in with the fair I got to cover the local baseball team The Dubois County Bombers, drive down to Nashville to photograph a Jasper native and feature hunt. Thanks for looking.

The other half of June and start of a new job

Started off my first assignment for The Herald with kids yoga and then the rest of the month was a mixture of daily assignments, annual festivals and working on my first Saturday Feature, an OG-GYN last day before retirement. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June favorites

I spent just under a week and half at the Midland Daily News before leaving the paper and moving to Jasper, Indiana to work as a staff photographer at The Herald. My favorite photos from my last couple of assignments in Midland were of graduation and the state tournament softball games. Thanks for looking.

May favorites

National Day of Prayer, Memorial Day parades, high school track, new courthouse therapy dog and new police officers. May was busy. Thanks for looking.

April favorites

Spring sports started up and in April the Midland Daily News printed a portrait series myself, Erin and Nick worked on. There were also fun events to cover like the weight lifting day at Bullock Creek High School and Arbor Day at the elementary schools. Thanks for looking.