Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thank You

Today Michael's story was printed. I don't know think I will ever get over the joy and excitement of seeing my work printed. Especially when the work is displayed and produced beautifully. I remember reading newspapers and magazines thinking about how wonderful the photographs looked and giving credit to the photographer. Since graduation I've really begun to appreciate and be in awe of the photo editors and page designers. They are the unsung heroes who without we'd never get to truly enjoy the photos as they were intended to be seen. Thank you Nick and Neil, your critiques, advice, and thoughtfulness is incredible and I feel so lucky to have gotten to learn and work with you both.

Above all, I owe Michael and his family so much. Not everyone is so open to having a person the hardly know photograph them let alone spend the night at their house and follow them around clicking away. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, to ignore me when I'm 5 inches away from you, and to joke around with me. Michael, thank you for the 10 hugs you gave each time I visited, they really brighten my day.