Monday, October 25, 2010

I play chicken with Mercedes and Audi's

While I play chicken with more expensive cars I also had some time to photograph at a meeting for people interested in the organic food movement. My time in LA is coming to a close and I will miss my roommates, the people I work with, and the old Victorian home I live in. I'll be leaving LA to be welcomed by the wintery air of the Northeast. Here are some things I've learned:
1.) Know your photo history. I was invited to a meeting a my boss's home and in every room of the house, the walls are covered with photographs ranging from Friedlander to Cartier-Breson. I was corrected by her son when I didn't correctly ID a Weegee photo. In case your wondering Weegee not only shot crime scenes at night but also used infra-red film in movie theaters.
2.) Simple skills like typing shouldn't be overlooked. I've had to transcribe interviews and I'm a two finger maybe three finger typer which doesn't bod well when you have to listen to 1-2 hour long interviews.
3.) There are many people who have photography degrees that don't shoot. I meet producers of commercials and movies who started out being production assistants but have a BA in photography.
4.) Don't assume anything and always check with someone above you (which is everyone). Minds change all the time so even if something was supposed to be one way an hour ago doesn't mean that it is still the same.
5.) In editorial/commercial work, the photographer is told what to do and the people making all the shots are the art directors and creative directors. While this may suck to many it's what helps to fund the work you'll want to produce.