Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Augusta Avenue Shooting

On September 18 one of my editors called me and said that a police officer shot a man and he was now dead. I covered the crime scene, a protest the following day and a community meeting. I think Ferguson had not only a larger impact on the public and the police but also on the journalism community. To continue to be unbiased in these kind of situations is a challenge. You don't want to villainize either side. The deceased man's sister asked the reporter and I to do her brother good and to not make him appear worse. She lost a brother, whatever that brother might have done in his life, that was her brother who is now dead. There is a necessity to not only be fair in journalism but to also have compassion. Here are my photos from the crime scene, protest and community meeting.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Looking for Light

I have a habit of when situations get dark to pull out my flash. I enjoy with a flash and sync cord. Last night I decided to keep my flash inside my camera bag and instead wait for things to move into the available light.