Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Photos during Materials and Processes Lab

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Moment in Time and Then Some

This past weekend has been pretty crazy for me. It's almost like being caught on a fisherman's hook and then being set free, after he's realized that you're not ready to be eaten. I had recently meet my photographic idol, Lauren Greenfield and was able to spend a day with her in Binghamton, NY. I don't whether it was the fact that I was able to talk with her or watch her work, but I felt somewhat relieved about my situation. I'm not confident in my work or if I'll ever be a success. Self-doubt coupled stress makes me worry, actually makes me panic. I start to forget about just working towards becoming a better photographer, and can only remember the negative comments towards my work. My fears of not being able to express what I see into visually expressive piece of work, can feel at times consuming, and makes me wonder if I will be able to survive as a photographer.
Unfortunately all of this occurred right after the trip down to New York City, then Lauren came to RIT. At first I was so nervous to meet her, you always wonder what your idol is really like. Lauren was amazing. The way she worked was great to see but the best part was getting to see how she interacts with the people she is photographing. Never once in the eleven hour day did she stop, it was this continous drive to meet more people and talk to them. It was infectious. I couldn't wait to see where the next person lived or how the connected to the story Lauren was working on. Sitting down in a strangers living room or kitchen and listening to their experiences, made me realize why was first interested photojournalism. Yes, the appeal of traveling was there but the talking to people reminded me of the importance to sit down and talk. To take the time to not press the shutter.
The cherry on top of this trip was talking with Lauren. My mistakes of looking at people's work is forgetting all the time, effort, and sacrifice that they make to work their way up to becoming the photographer that they are today. Lauren told me that it was ten years before she was able to be recognized for her work, and to make a living from it. That gives me hope for the future and reminds to not be so impatient with myself. I guess it's the right now generation that still effects me, even when I think it doesn't.
I hope that I learn even more when I intern at Lauren's studio in the fall and that I can continually work to being better.

Now for the photos, I'm still working on some on my story about the single mom and her daughter and here are some photos of the daughter playing at the park. Then this past weekend RIT had an Imagine RIT festivals which I shot and after shooting that I drove home to see my family. While at home I shoot a few frames for A Moment in Time, which the New York Times Lens Blog set up to try and get people from all around the world to shoot at the same 'moment in time'.
Moment in Time

Imagine RIT